Writing stuff I’d rather not: An Awkward Affair

At a writing day we were set on of those challenges on a theme I just didn’t want to write about. I was going to rebel and write something else but I decided to go with it to see if I could write anything good even if I didn’t like the subject matter. 

The prompt: A man is having an affair with his secretary. He goes to bed with her in a hotel room and when he wakes up, his wife is in the bed beside him…

An Awkward Affair

“Good morning.” Molly was smiling her sweet smile, the one that suggested an air of ‘tongue in cheek’.

“errrr yeah, Good morning.” Gerry was not smiling.

“Well, this is a classic case of ‘the awkward moment when…’ if ever I saw one. Did you have a good night last night; Tiger?”

“Don’t, please don’t call me that.”

“What? So now you DON’T want to be called Tiger? From what I could gather last night you didn’t seem to mind it at all.”

“Well I mind it now. Listen, I think we should just get dressed and go home; now.”

“What? The breakfast is included. If fact a little Maitre’D told me you ordered it to be brought to the room this morning.”

On cue there was a knock at the door. Molly opened it and the waiter quickly wheeled in a trolley. He clipped it in place and with a couple of moves transformed it into a fully set breakfast table. He bowed slightly and left without a word.

Gerry started to get dressed as Molly sat at the table.

“Well, I’m having breakfast before I leave. You should have a coffee at least. You’ve a long drive; and as we came in two cars…”

Gerry surrendered to the smell of the coffee and spoke without looking at Molly.

“So I guess you want to talk about last night.”

“Oh yes, I do indeed.” She beamed that smile again and he cringed.

“Well, it won’t happen again.”

“That’s your opening gambit? It won’t happen again? No mention of how good or bad it was?” She was mocking him.

“No, I don’t want to say anything else. It was the first and the last time, I can promise you that.”

“That’s a shame, I kinda enjoyed it.”

“WHAT? How could you enjoy it?”

“Well come on, you’re not going to tell me it wasn’t exciting.”

“Yes of course it was, but for you too? Really?”

“Yes, I loved pretending to be your secretary,”

“OK but now I want you to be you. And I don’t want you ever to be anyone else again.”

“Alright then… Tiger.”


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