P is for Patsy

Patsy – from ‘A Technical Hitch’
Patsy Dalton was born Patricia Maxwell. Her father was the Head of Maths at a Junior High School and her mother was a child minder. Mostly for teachers in her husband’s school. From a very young age Patsy was a ‘fixer’ of things. Her father was no good at DIY so Patsy and her mother always worked together to find a way to make things work. While the other girls in her class studied music and art, and were cheer leaders. Patsy studied woodwork and physics, and edited the school science magazine.
After winning an early scholarship to MIT she gained 2 Ph.Ds – in Science and Engineering. She was snapped up by NASA before she’d finished her studies; and after just 6 weeks at NASA, was snapped up by Cuthbert Dalton III whom she married 6 months later.
Bert, as he was called, was almost 20 years Patsy’s senior but they were perfect for each other. They loved living and working together, and never ran out of problems to solve or theories to argue about. They bought a run down house and renovated it top to bottom. In the middle of it all their daughter Maisie came along.
In the story Maisie is a teenager, and is having a bit of trouble in school. She’s wired very much like her mother and so when she gets a chance to be involved in the school play, it’s not on stage doing the singing.
Patsy ends up being a great help to Maisie as she helps out back stage with the tech side of things…
You’ll find Patsy in ‘A Technical HItch’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’

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