Q is for Quentin

Quentin – from ‘The Audition’ (working title)
Quentin is a character in a new story I’m working on for my second collection of short stories. The story is about a local theatre group full of folk who believe they should be on the West End stage. It’s audition night for their next production and a new member comes to join… that’s all I’ll say for now.
Quentin Purcell (pronounced PurCELL) was born Ralph Purcell (pronounced PURcell). He legally changed his name after being made redundant from the papermills when it shut down. His settlement was enough that he could afford the legal fees then comfortably retire; just as long as his wife kept working in the local bakery. She was quite happy to keep working; especially now that he was retired!
Quentin was a founder member of the theatre group and it really did mean the world to him. He had seen members come and go and secretely resented them all. The ones who left to do something else, because he did not understand how anyone would want to do anything else. The ones who went professional, because he himself never got the opportunity.
In the story, Quentin’s nose is put firmly out of joint by the new member of the group who did make it to the West End. However the situation is resolved, but by the most unlikely person…
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