A belated ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and news of a change

I have to say thank you and I’m sorry!

The last couple of months have been difficult for me with some sad stuff going on; but I want to thank all the contributors to the Christmas story collection. The response was fantastic and I ended up with more stories than I needed. What I loved most was that writers of most stories became readers of the others. I hope all the authors feel greatly encouraged by the feedback.

It’s been a pretty amazing year and a half here on Fictitious Amo 🙂 So much has happened since I wrote my first every fictional tale and posted it here. I’ve loved the journey along Writer’s Road and the soon I’ll be swapping Fictitious Amo for an all new website. Most of the posts will be coming over with me – so there’ll be plenty to see and plenty more to come.

I’ll let you know what it happens and hopefully you’ll come and join me there. There’ll be lots going on – and I won’t be leaving 2 months between posts either…

It’s time to get packing…

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Remember, remember, the absolute bonkers madness that is November (hang on… that’s not right is it?)

Well hello everyone!

Have you missed me? I’ve been buried under the craziness of NaNoWriMo AND getting my book ready to launch. NaNo story is almost there. Almost 42k as of last night, so on the home stretch now.

But the very exciting news is that ‘The Long & The Short of it’ my first collection of short stories is out and there and published and real and you know… PUBLISHED 🙂


AMO LAUNCH 1 cropped
The book is dedicated to my 27 nieces and nephews.
Some of them were able to make the launch 😉 ❤

It’s a fantastic feel to have the book out there in the world.

You many recognise a few of the stories as a number of them have been on the blog. But they’ve been polished up and some of them have a different ending… There are also some brand spanking new stories too – that never made it to the blog.

Me & Catherine Brophy
Me & Catherine Brophy


The launch was a fun night. The book was launched by novelist, story-writer and story-teller Catherine Brophy. It was wonderful to have her and many other friends that I’ve met on my regular visits to Carousel Creates; a wonderful writers’ centre in the Dublin mountains, where much of the raw material for these stories was written.

Emer and Brian from Emu Ink were there, and as usual were working hard. I’m so grateful to them for all they have done to get this book published.

long and short coverI’m looking forward to a second launch of the book in Kilcullen; the beautiful village which has been home for the last couple of years. On December 6th at 7.30pm in Kilcullen Library, local author Martin Malone will launch the book. I’ll read some stories from it, but it will be a group effort as some of the members of Kilcullen Writer’s Group will also read. And you never know, there might even be a song or two…

Anyone who can make it is very welcome 🙂

If you’d like to get hold of a copy of  The Long & The Short of it,  you can click here to order it in paperback, find links to any e-version you fancy & you can even rent a digital copy for 30 days from Emu Ink.

I hope you enjoy it. I really do!

Now, back to NaNoWriMo with me… 🙂


Disappearing for a while…

Hi foiks

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo this year – aka National Novel Writing Month – to try to get the bones of my first novel down on the page.

So I won’t be around much in November, but… my first collection of short stories  called
‘The Long and the Short of it’ is being launched this month so as soon as I have a venue confirmed I’ll be shouting. Date is November 21st. More news anon.. 🙂

If you are doing #NoNoWriMo this year and would like to buddy up, my NaNo user name is ‘auntyamo’ and my word count will be automatically updated to the little blue box on the right hand side – the minimum word count for the month is 50,000.

My NaNo novel is ‘Dear Mel…’ and here is the synopsis I’ve put up on the NaNo site..

Carmel Graham, or Mel as she is called, is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her mother. Rather than time being a healer, time is revealing that Mel’s mum didn’t always tell her the truth.
After losing control of her emotions while visiting her mother her grave, she attempts to attack a woman who comes to her aid. It seems she is starting to fall apart. Mel is ‘sentenced’ to a course of counselling sessions.
Esther Ryan, court-assigned counsellor & psychotherapist, attempts to help Mel navigate her journey to recovery. Part of the process is to encourage Mel to keep a journal that she addresses to herself. 
Mel’s inner journey also takes her on a physical one as she searches for the truth about her mother, her father and herself.

Bear in mind that by the end of November it may not resemble the above synopsis in any way 🙂 I’ll be back with news of the launch of ‘The Long and the Short of it’ but other than that… I’ll see you in December 😉 x