M is for Marty

Marty – from ‘The Revolving Door’ 
Marty was inspired by Albert Brennaman, the character played by Kevin James in the movie ‘Hitch’. I love Kevin James and though he is a little typecast at times (the vulnerable, chubby, good guy), he always makes me ‘lol’ and ‘naawwwwhhh’ at the same time.
Marty has that same vulnerability and desire to get the girl that he feels is way out of his reach.
He lives in the house he was brought up in. His mother died when he was a small boy and he and his father looked after each other until his father died. Until that point Marty had no idea that he could have a life outside of work and home.
He had wanted to apply for the Garda Siochana (the Irish police force) but it would have meant 6 weeks initial training in Templemore and he could not bring himself to leave his Dad for that long. He lied to his Dad and told him that his application was refused and his father questioned that decision by ‘those bloody gards’ til his dying day. The lie was hard for Marty, but leaving his dad would have been impossible.
It was just a couple of months after Marty’s dad died that Marsha joined the team of receptionists at Bailey, Biscombe & Carlisle. Marty worked security in the big open plan lobby which afforded him the best view in the world; that of Marsha behind the large reception desk she shared with Janice and Georgia.
But in this story, his happiness is about to be squashed by some news about Marsha.
Marty is left with little time to make his feelings known.
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