K is for Kev

Kev – from ‘Singing the Blues’

To be ‘Kev the Karaoke King’ was not Kevin Doyle’s ultimate dream. What he really wanted was to host a game show on British TV; because let’s face it, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. His dream was to present Family Fortunes and in time, Celebrity Family Fortunes; but sadly it was not to be.

In his early 20s he did a few years on the cabaret scene in Blackpool. He made it once Granada Television, but just as an audience member in a recording of the ‘Criss Cross Quiz’.

He eventually ran out of work and money, and so he came home to Ireland. But his timing was good and it was just when Karaoke was starting to take off here. He got into it quickly. He borrowed (more) money from his mother and went from strength to strength. Even now when Karaoke is a bit ‘last season’, Kev manages to keep busy and gets most of what little Karaoke work there is out there.

He has even managed to pay his mother back in full.

Kev takes karaoke very seriously; problem is, in this story he’s about the only one who does.

You’ll find Kev in ‘Singing the Blues’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’


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