H is for Hannah

Hannah – from ‘Lost and Found’

Hannah is a teenager. Mono-syllabic, head down, phone constantly buzzing, hair-straighteners always plugged in, plenty of eye-rolling.

There’s been a lot of sadness in her few years and in her own way she grieves the loss of her brother and her father.

Hannah has that ‘iceberg’ thing going on. There’s a lot more happening under the surface than we see above it. She hides it well but she is frightened about the future of her family and confused about how she should react to her parents inability to have a conversation without arguing.

It’s one of those usually benign annoyances of life, that opens up a door for change. It might not look like Hannah is watching how things are unfolding, but she is…

You’ll find Hannah in ‘Lost and Found’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’


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