F is for (Brother) Francis

Brother Francis – from ‘Never Judge a Monk by His Plumber’

There are few people without guile in this world – Brother Francis is one of them. Not because he is a monk, or because he leads a ‘holy’ life. It is because he knows his own weaknesses and imperfections. There is no false modesty in him, simply a realistic appraisal of who he is; and who he was.

He does not lose sleep over anything in his own life, although he has lost the odd night’s sleep, wrestling in prayer for the needs of others. Francis leads a simple life; a life of devotion to God and service to others. He has few possessions and nothing to hide.

We meet him having one of his regular chats with Dougie, the handyman who looks after the maintenance of pretty much everything at the monastery. Dougie finds a shocking photograph in Brother Francis’ room while fixing a chair. He is troubled and uncomfortable at the sight of this inappropriate image; and to his further embarrassment, Francis arrives just as Dougie is staring at the photograph.

Awkward to say the least, but not for Brother Frances…

You’ll find Brother Francis in ‘Never Judge a Monk by His Plumber’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’


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