D is for Dolores

Dolores – from ‘Suddenly Granny’
I think this story is the one with most requests to know what happens next. I’m so tempted to write the next ‘chapter’ in this woman’s life.
Dolores is a widow and has been for many years. She raised her daughter alone and they had many difficult years together.
She is a creature of habit. You could set your watch to everything from her breakfast time to her bath time. Bingo on a Tuesday, grocery shopping on a Friday afternoon, hairdressers on a Saturday, 8 o’clock Mass on a Sunday morning. She likes order; actually it’s more true to say she insists on it.
It’s ironic then that the circumstances in which she became a mum are not 100 miles away from the other character in this story. But ssshhhh! That’s a big secret.
When we meet Dolores in this story she has just had life-altering news. As usual, she is alone; but it would seem not for much longer…
You’ll find Dolores in ‘Suddenly Granny’ from The Long & The Short of it

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