C is for Carla

C is for Carla – from ‘Change of Scenery’

Although Carla plays a big part in the life of the main character of this story, she only features in the story for a short time. ‘The story of her life’ I suppose you could say. What’s that great line from the movie ‘The Holiday’? “You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life.” Well that’s not Carla’s experience, she is most definitely in a ‘supporting’ role.
She is personal assistant to Mackie. Though she has never called him Mackie in all the years she has worked with him. In work he is called Roland Mackintosh; Mr Mackintosh to her.
Carla is single and relatively content to be so. At certain times of the year like birthdays and Christmas, she has a little bit of spare time to contemplate not having much of a life outside of work, but she never dwells on it for long. In the last 5 years she has had 3 dates – none of them very pleasant experiences. A late chinese takeaway in the office, going over travel plans with Mr Machintosh is a far better and more enjoyable use of her evening.
She considers herself lucky to be too busy to dwell on the fact that she is alone and unlikely to meet anyone or have a family. She wonders where people who have a job and a family get the time to do it all. Carla is always working. Whether she is in the office or at home. If she isn’t on the computer, she is thinking about what needs to be done and the most efficient way to do it.
Circumstances beyond her control throw her life into a bit of disarray in this story. Her life is not really her own; and when things change and the person who does ‘own’ her life has no need for her anymore, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.
You’ll find Carla in ‘Change of Scenery’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’

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