B is for Barb

B is for Barb – from ‘Love Bubbles’

Barb the Bubble is from an even shorter story than yesterday’s. In fact it’s one of the shortest in the book. I went through a micro fiction phase and wrote a number of 99 word stories and a few of them made the cut.
There are some characters in fiction who are victims of circumstance. Their lives from the very beginning, are on a calamitous trajectory. Barb the Bubble is one of those people, or… bubbles!
Fate deals harshly with Barb and like the tragic near happiness of Romeo and Juliet, or the unrealised advances of Pepe le Pew – Barb does not get her happy ever after.
This short & tragic tale of a love unrealised, the brevity of life and how important it is to watch where you’re going, is shared with Roger the Bubble and Clive the Bubble.
Not so much a ménage a trois as three sheets to the wind.
It’s a sad tale, so tissues may be required. Actually it’s a short tale, so you’ll only need the one.
You’ll find Barb in ‘Love Bubbles’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’

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