A is for Arthur

 So it’s AtoZ time again. Didn’t that year come around fast? So much has happened in the year for me as a writer. Last year I did the AtoZ on my old fiction blog Fictitious Amo.

As you see now I’ve got my website up and running. I’ve self published a book with the help of a fabulous Irish publishing company Emu Ink. The subject of last year’s AtoZ ‘Lizzy’ is now a regular feature in The Echo Newspaper, a local news paper in Dublin, Ireland. Lizzy is building a bit of a following on Twitter and she has her own blog here on this site.
For this year’s AtoZ I’m focussing on character profiles – both from the collection of short stories I published last year and some other stories I am or have been working on. There are plenty of characters to go around but as you can imagine, when I get towards the end of the alphabet things get a bit trickier – but we’ll get there.

My hope is that if you’ve read the book, you’ll get some more insight into the background of some of the stories. If you haven’t read it… well maybe you might like to 🙂 You can read or listen to the first story in the book by clicking here. To get hold of the book just click the ‘Books’ button above and it will give you the links for all formats.

So let me introduce the first character.

Arthur – from ‘Remembering’

In the story, Arthur is an old man who struggles at times with his memory. But the one thing he has not and will not forget is how much he loves his wife Marge.

The story is very short and is just a quick glimpse of a moment in Arthur’s life now. The story tells briefly how he and Marge met. From that night he was smitten – it was a done deal and he would never look at another woman for the rest of his life.

As a young man Arthur was strong, handsome and tall. He was very shy and had never had the courage to talk to a young lady, much less ask her to dance. But if ever he had doubted the concept of love at first sight, he knew it existed after that night.

Marge was much more lively than him. She was chatty and witty; and it was thought by some that she had a mischievous streak. Over the years Marge brought Arthur out of himself and though some thought he would (and should) hem Marge in a bit, he loved the rascal in her and didn’t ever want her to be anyone other than who she was.

Although in the story Arthur’s strength & energy are not what they were when he first met Marge – his love for her is as strong, if not stronger than ever.


You’ll find Arthur in ‘Remembering’ from ‘The Long & The Short of it’



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