If you are reading this on Christmas Day… well thank you for taking time out of this special day.

Today’s post will mean more to my family than anyone else. It is written by one of my sister’s in law – another Ann Marie, about Christmas morning in my mam and dad’s house. My mam Betty is gone almost 9 years and as I prepare this post, my Dad Christy is ill in hospital – so I don’t know what kind of Christmas morning in it will be in my parents’ house – Number 45.

Ann Marie has captured the magic of what Christmas morning was like in my mam and dad’s house. I hope that those of you who have never been there, will get a glimpse of our special times together.

Number 45

 Car doors slam
Gate latch clangs
High heels click
Through open door
Welcoming clamour and
“Happy Christmas” chorus

Small hall jammed
Perfume filled air
Colour and style
Through the crush
The parade of
Squishy Aunty hugs
Scratchy Uncle hugs
Gentle girl hugs
Bashful boy hugs
Bewildered baby kisses

Divert to kitchen
Dishes in sink
Smell bread-sauce simmer
Cold Red lemonade
Hot reviving tea
Back into hall
Sitting on stairway
Excited children chatter

Into living-room
Heart of home
Irreplaceable Betty hugs
Mother to all
Christy bear hugs
King of clan
Bestowing his gifts
Perhaps a special
Wall-paper wrapped

Ceiling strung streamers
Fairy-lit tree
Santa on door
Wrapping paper rustle
Hub-bub, babel and
Kris Kindle banter

Families begin farewell
Return to reality
But we leave
Buoyed up and
Blessed by the
Loving Christmas spirit
of Number 45

I actually got more submissions than I needed. So there’s another couple of posts to come over the next few days.
Thank you all for submitting and reading. And have a fantastic Christmas Day!


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :)

  1. Felt I was there with you… Wonderful poem! Loved the description of squishy, scratchy, gentle, bashful hugs. I was one of 26 on Christmas day and it was very like this!

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