Day 24 – Santa’s missing??? oh no…. not on Christmas Eve!!!

Today and tomorrow we’ll have contributions from some of my family. Today is the turn of my niece Katie. Katie has been writing since she was old enough to write. I remember her as a small kid, coming up with all sorts of tales and handing me little boklets of stories to read. She usually writes stories for children, but at this time or year aren’t they the best stories?! 🙂

FYI to those outside Ireland – we usually call him Santy and not Santa 🙂

Missing Santy by Katie Keeley
santy clausOnce upon a time in the North Pole all the elves were busy rushing around preparing Santa’s sleigh and loading it with presents. They were all very excited because tonight is a very special night. Tonight is Christmas Eve and Santy would be flying all over the world to leave everyone presents underneath their Christmas tree. Only on one condition though, that they were on the nice list and that they were all fast asleep when he arrived at their house.

When it came time for Santy to set off on his long journey around the world, there was only one problem …….. Santy was nowhere to be seen. All day, no one had seen him, which the elves thought peculiar, but soon forgotten about it in all their busy preparations. He wasn’t in his workhouse and he wasn’t in his bedroom getting ready either.

“Where could he be?” asked Mrs Clause. She was standing in the middle of the elves massive workshop with all the elves standing around her. Each elf was totally bewildered at how Santy could’ve gone missing on Christmas Eve.

“Who knows” said an elf.

“How are we gonna find him on time for Christmas?” asked another elf.

“Yes, if we don’t find him soon, no one will get their presents in the morning” said another elf. Suddenly an idea struck head elf Jolly Snowflake like a bolt of lightning.

“I know who can help us!” he exclaimed.

“Who could possibly help us?” said Mrs Clause, with a lot of worry in her voice.

“Cloudy of course” said Jolly Snowflake with a clever smile on his face.

“You’re right” said Mrs Clause “Why didn’t I think of that?” All the other elves cheered at the thought of someone finding Santy in time for Christmas.

Just at that moment there was a loud crackle and a loud pop and a cloud of smoke and silver glitter filled the centre of the room. Everyone turned to look as the smoke and glitter cleared and saw a very tall snowman appear in the centre of the room.
He wore a purple top hat and green woolly scarf. His eyes and mouth were made from coal as well as his buttons that closed his silver cardigan that was made from snow. He had sticks for arms with a glove on each end as hands. He had no feet and he seemed to glide across the workshop floor.

“Cloudy! Just the snowman we were looking for” said Mrs Clause she made her way through the crowd of elves to where her frosty friend was, but before she could say any more, cloudy interrupted.

“Mrs Clause, I come with worrying news” said Cloudy.“My goodness, what is it dear?” asked Mrs Clause.

“It’s Santy, he’s stuck out on the frozen lake, there was an avalanche and he’s pinned to the ice by a massive heap of snow from the waist down” said Cloudy. He was all in a fluster and was very upset that he couldn’t bring better news. There was a kafuffle amongst the elves, while Mrs Clause stood in front of Cloudy speechless.

“What’s even worse is that the ice beneath him is beginning to crack” said Cloudy in an even louder voice.

“What do we do?” an elf spoke up. Mrs Clause began to think while everyone around her broke out into a nervous chatter.

“Silence” Mrs Clause said suddenly finding her voice. All the noise stopped and all the attention turned to the woman. “Here’s what we’re gonna do..” said Mrs Clause. She went on to explain how they were going to save Santy and right in the nick of time.

In no time at all Mrs Clause’s plan had been put into effect. Along with seven other elves they rode on the backs of Santy’s eight reindeer through the darkening sky towards the frozen lake where Santy lay stuck on the breaking ice. They all carried shovels and planned on digging him free. When they reached the icy lake, the reindeers landed and slid to stop only feet away from where he lay.

“Thank God you’re here, quick I may not have much time before the ice breaks completely” said Santy desperately reaching out his hands towards his wife and elves. Immediately Mrs Clause and the elves started to work on shovelling the now off of Santy’s waist and legs to set him free. With every movement they made there was a loud crack from the ice below as it shifted beneath them. Soon there was water coming up between the cracks.

“We have to move quicker or we’re all lost” said Mrs Clause. Just as the ice were Santy lay dropped into the ice cold water, the last bit of snow was moved and in the blink of an eye Santy moved to dodge the drop into the water. No one spoke or wasted any time and they all hopped onto the reindeer and the flying animals took to the sky. Santy and Mrs Clause rode on the same reindeer as they flew back to the workshop and as nothing had happened Santy was sitting in his sleigh ready to begin his nights work.

With a smile, a wink of his eye and a crack of his reigns, Santy took off in his sleigh.

Now we reach the end of our story and that is how Santy was saved on that cold Christmas Eve.

The End

photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC – >;< via photopin cc

Find out more about Katie Keeley and her writing
on her blog KaytoPotato
or follow her on Twitter @katie_cait


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