Day 19 – What are you giving for Christmas?

Katina is a fellow Tribewriter. One of the many writers I know but have never met. 🙂 I’ve learned so much from being a part of the Tribe Writers community and it’s great to have a contribution from one of the gang.

Katina has some Christmas gift alternatives for us…

What gifts are you giving this Christmas? by Katina Vaselopulos

The night of Thanksgiving, multitudes of people left their families and cozy homes and ran to the stores! To wait in lines… to push and be pushed… to seize the opportunity of great discounts! I understand some of the bought items could be much needed. Others surely were meant as Christmas gifts. Still, I doubt if all were necessary.

I am not criticizing any one. We all have our own reasons for doing what we do. Possibly, because I chose years ago not to be a consumer, it is easy for me to see such custom as unnecessary and detrimental to wellbeing.
I don’t plan to do much shopping for Christmas. This year, the gifts I will give to my family and friends are not things bought in stores. They will come from my heart. Though they will be costing me awareness and effort, I pray, they will be precious to those who’ll receive them. I trust that God will assist me in budding with such gifts, so as to be able to offer them to others.

This year I will give,

gifts and more gifts1…The Gift of Good Example
I will live life in such a way that I can be a role model for my family and others to follow. I will demonstrate to them that, especially through hardships, faith protects us from breaking. Trusting that God has laid under us a net of supporting family, friends, and even strangers, we can survive anything and come out stronger and better people.

2…The Gift of Encouragement
Everyone needs encouragement once in a while. Life and the world can only be better if we do our part. I will offer my family and friends many cheering words, hugs and gentle taps on their shoulders. I will tell them to believe in their ability to be and do better. I will do my best to lift them up. I will provide a warm, kind, and loving heart to everyone who needs it

3…The Gift of Humility
I will admit my mistakes and humbly ask for forgiveness. Time and again I will use the words, “sorry it was my fault.” I will bring myself down from the pedestal of pride and share with others my life’s humbling experiences, inviting them as well to dive into the healing pool of humility.

4…The Gift of Circumspection and Prudence
Before I talk, I will remind myself how powerful words are; especially so, when the judgmental mind attempts to criticize. I will keep my opinions to myself and not give unsolicited advice either. If someone asks, I will ground her into her own heart, where wisdom and solutions reside.

5….The gift of Tolerance
I will be tolerant of my own imperfections; much more, though, of others’. By accepting them as they are, both in appearance and spirit, I will liberate those around me from my narrow-mindedness and preconceived notions.

6…The Gift of Appreciation
Every day, I will help my family understand how grateful I am for having them in my life; for journeying on the same path, learning lessons from each other.

7…The Gift of Patience
I will often remind myself that behind impatience lies fear; that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I will help those around me understand that we have to be patient with our own mistakes and falls and those of other; not to agonize or be impatient, as they are lessons in disguise; not to give up but learn from them, trying again and again, until we become skilled at being patient.

8…The Gift of Presence
These holidays and throughout the year, I will be there, committed to help and encourage, to lift and praise, to teach by my example. To those we are away, with a letter or a phone call, a post or a comment; to those around me, with my whole body and soul.

9…The Gift of Thanksgiving
Blessed with many treasures, I will convey my gratitude, not only to God but to everyone I know, family and friends, teachers and guides…Gratitude for my family, children, and grandchildren, my husband and my mother…for health, and even for the pains that teach me to be patient and compassionate to others… for God’s love and provisions… for those who help and inspire me to write.

10…The Gift of Love
Finally, I will open my heart and let love flow like spring water, nurturing everyone who drinks from it. Gratefully I will accept love as it will return, blessing my spirit.

There is no monetary value to the gifts I will give this Christmas. Being committed to those aspirations will be hard work, as I am still a growing soul. I know however that those around me will appreciate my gifts and use them as a road map for their own journey.

What gifts are you giving this Christmas?
photo credit: via photopin cc

You can find out more about Katina Vaselopulos
on her blog Journey With Katina
you can email her katiakantzia [at] msn [dot] com


9 thoughts on “Day 19 – What are you giving for Christmas?

    • Thank you Laura for reading. Counting on you to keep me on a straight line!

      The gift of Appreciation is not reserved for my family. An ommission on my part.
      I am definitely appreciative and grateful to my friends and fellow TWs…you certainly being one of my early ones!

    • O, Anne, you know how to play the stings of my heart. It takes one to know one.
      As I wrote to Laura, the gift of Appreciations is not reserved for my family. It is extended to my friends and fellow TWs. I will never forget how you were always there in those early times, reading my posts, encouraging and inspiring me, showing me how to be open and transparent! We have come a long way. Haven’t we?

      Love you too Anne! Thank you for your touching words!

  1. Annmarie, I am honored to guest post on your blog. You did a great job showing my post up.
    I love the image you chose. Looks like you have made it, Just lovely!

    Wishing you love, joy, and peace this beautiful holiday season and throughout the new year!

  2. Such beautiful thoughts from a truly beautiful heart and spirit! Katina, you inspire us here for Christmas and beyond with these gifts that keep on giving. If we all took this message to heart and gave freely of these things, then the world would be a happier and better place to live in. Thank you for sharing your best gifts to encourage us to give similarly. And thanks to Annmarie for hosting you here! Blessings in abundance. 🙂 xx

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