Day 18 – our youngest contributor tells a Christmas story

Aoife Copland was 7 when she wrote this story. But that was years ago… she’s 10 now 🙂
She is the daughter of an earlier contributor Carolann Copland. Aoife is an avid young writer and is definitely a talent to keep an eye on.

Her Christmas story from 2010…

A Christmas Story by Aoife Copland

A long time ago, there was a little girl named Lizzy and a little boy named Peter. Lizzy and Peter were sister and brother and they lived with their father who owned an inn in their town. The innkeeper had a stable outside their inn with a manger in it and an ox.

One day Lizzy and Peter went to get some water from the well and they saw a man followed by a donkey and on the donkey was a woman. The woman had a bump on her tummy and Lizzy and Peter knew that she was going to have a baby. The town was packed with people and their inn was full because they all had to get registered in Bethlehem.
Lizzy and Peter went to bed that night and Lizzy woke up in the middle of the night because she heard a donkey. She saw a light coming through her window from the sky and when she looked out her window she saw a shining star. Lizzy woke Peter to show him the shining light.

“Lizzie, you’re dreaming again,” said her brother.

“No! No! Peter, come and look out the window.”

christmas babyThey couldn’t wake their dad so they crept barefoot outside to see what was happening. They saw a donkey and they went down to him. He was inside the stable. They went inside the stable and there was the woman they saw on the donkey in the daytime sitting beside the man they saw pulling the donkey. Lizzie and peter looked into the manger and they were amazed. The woman’s bump on her tummy was gone and now there was a baby in the hay. It was a baby boy.

“What’s your baby’s name?’ Lizzy asked.

The woman smiled and she said “Jesus”.

photo credit: bscarlettc via photopin cc

Some more of Aoife’s writing is featured
on the Carousel Creates blog in the Carousel Kids section


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