Day 2 – all about the Christmas journey…

advent calendarIt’s only Day 2 and already I realise what an inspired idea this was. But that’s only because I know all the treats that are ahead of you during this guest blog fest.
Today it’s Allison Hudson. She is from Canada, living here in Ireland. We had heard of each other quite a bit and have a number of mutual friends and were finally brought together by writing. The other thing we share is our love for Jesus 🙂

Here’s her thoughts on Christmas…

Christmas Journey by Allison Hudson

the long, dull drive, all day on the straight, grey highway
finally, the diamond willow bushes appear beside a gravel road, and we arrive
the family farm, grandparents and coloured lights, cats and crunch of snow
awake with contented joy, my magic begins
(there is no magic in staying home)

games at the kitchen table of an evening: scrabble and trivial pursuit
fascinating reflections of lights in the dark frosted window
flavours of mandarin oranges, homemade snacks and peppermint chocolates
the early dusk of prairie winter wraps us in cosy, spruce-scented light
(magic of love and laughter make this my other home)

church on Christmas Eve: candles and Silent Night
moonlight on snow glowing blue and coyotes howling
back at the farm, the bonfire high, fed by the year’s deadfall
we, my brother and me and sometimes cousins, sent to bed early
(even the magic of anticipation can’t keep us awake for long)

silence settles over farm and house; stockings stuffed and ready
the tree, adorned with generations of crafts and antique glass
shelters the gifts that lie in wait for morning’s excitement and bustle
the darkness soon gives way to light of day
(Christ has come; the magic is here)

an adult now, and far from home: I miss the farm
and my family, all our traditions, and the prairie winter
but now it’s my job to try to make the magic for my two girls
we start our own traditions, teach them of His love
(memory is strong, and magic lives)

You can follow Allison on Twitter @Nikiwan72

photo credit: campbelj45ca via photopin cc


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