The Court of Public Opinion

“I can’t believe you did that to me. I just cannot believe you SAID that Mark.” Lucy was pacing the floor passing Mark each time, ignoring his attempts to explain himself.

“Luce, I didn’t know. I didn’t realise…”

“I can’t believe you. YOU! I thought you were on MY side, how could you say that to the Judge?”

“It was a mistake love; honestly. I’d no idea the Judge going to ask me anything. And anyway it was the truth. What the heck was I suppose to say Luce? You expected me to lie to the Judge?”

Lucy swung around. “I EXPECTED you to support me. I EXPECTED you to be on my team. Not on Bella’s!” Lucy went from the door to the window, then to the chair, then up again to do another lap.

Mark stood helpless in the middle of the room. “Oh come on. I am on your team. I haven’t seen Bella for years. I didn’t even know she was your opposition in this. Another thing you didn’t tell me.”

Lucy stopped and after a moment, looked like she was slowly deflating. “I wanted to win. I really wanted to win Mark; and I could have won.”

“You would have won with a lie, love. If I’d known what you were doing was against the rules I would have stopped you from entering at all.” He walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulder.
“And there’s always next year.” Then to himself he thought, “If they let you enter again.”

They both stood and looked at the Victoria Sponge and the label beside it that read
“Disqualified, for use of shop-bought jam.”


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