Five Sentence Fiction – Festival

The car is packed!

We’ve got 2 tents, 4 sleeping bags, wellington boots, flip flops, thermal trousers, shorts, raincoats and 20 tee-shirts.

There’s crisps, chocolate, marshmallows, pot noodles, bread rolls, biscuits, popcorn, jellies, not to mention a box of cans.

Folding chairs, toiletries, sunscreen, hats, shades and toilet rolls – lots and lots of toilet rolls.

We’re ready to leave for Glastonbury; problem is, there’s only room for the driver 😐

Spotted this challenge on a blog called Lillie McFerrin Writes 🙂


13 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Festival

  1. Isn’t that the way? I’ve both been the kid in the back seat with items piled high on my lap and at my feet, as well as the parent piling stuff on top of my children. That is what makes family vacations memorable.

    ~~Emmly Jane

  2. Let the games begin! Maybe the drive there will be quiet but there’s bound to be plenty of people on the other end. And with all that food gone maybe room for someone in the passenger seat on the way back. That was a fun little ride!

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