Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

survivor_[2013]WOO HOO I made it!

Well that was a great experience.
A whole month of non stop blogging and reading.
The A to Z Blogging Challenge was just that… a challenge.
It was tough going getting everything written and making sure to post on time.
I had some great company, my hubby @richjm612, @johnivory, @cagssoc & @trish_nugent. But as well as the Ireland contingent, I got to chat and read the blogs of lots of folk from about the world.

The organising team have asked for a few thoughts so here’s mine…

From a practical point of view there were a couple of issues. One issue was that lots of people seemed to use their number, as in the number they were on the list… but as folk who didn’t continue were removed, the numbers would change. I went from 24 to 23 but my hubby’s number changed about 4 times. Like I say, just a small issue.
Another issue was that lots of folk DIDN’T take the advice given – and left CAPTCHA on… it really did slow me down. I was a minion, helping Livia Peterson and I was trying to visit as many blogs as I could but when it comes to commenting, CAPTCHA is a killer and I know I didn’t spend as much time reading on those blogs who use it.

The positives of the experience far outweighed those small things. The calendar was so helpful, the A to Z badges were great and it was encouraging to see the AtoZ’s own blog following along with us.ย Like I said, I met loads of great bloggers from all over the world. Got a bunch of new followers and certainly got a boost in my stats. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I think the greatest benefit for me was being so encouraged by the comments and reaction to the story of ‘Lizzy’, the subject of my AtoZ posts.
Originally I was going to write random stories but changed my mind and decided to work on the character of Lizzy to see if at the end of it, I had the makings of a book. And you know what? I really think I have.

If you haven’t read any of the posts please do and let me know what you think. Most of them are stand alone short stories, only 300 or so words. But V to Z is one longer story that unfolded towards the end, hopefully leaving a taste for more which will come in the book.

Lizzy spoke for herself for the duration of the challenge so this reflections post wouldn’t be complete without a word from her… so I’ll let Lizzy sign off for us both.



My niece took this! She's not very good at taking photos is she... :D
My niece took this!
She’s not very good at taking photos is she… ๐Ÿ˜€

Hello everyone, I had loads and loads of fun telling you my stories.ย 
I love talking and I got to talk about stuff like my lovely mammy, the time I went to confession, my best friend Iris and my yeuchy brother Jim.
Thanks very much for reading and saying that you like my stories ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 
There’s loads more I want to tell you about cos my mammy is still very sick but I’m allowed to go on holidays with Iris and her family. Jim and me got into another big fight, and there was a ย big accident at the school that I HAVE to tell you about… and loads of other things, but you’ll have to wait.

Next time you see me, I’ll be in a book. Isn’t that great?!ย 
Bye bye,
Lizzy x

p.s.ย If you like you can follow me on Twitter @lizzyredmond




18 thoughts on “Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

  1. I so enjoyed the Lizzy stories. Well done Annmarie. Personally, I doubt I would have completed the A-Z challenge without the support and encouragement from yourself, Carol and Trish. What a team!!

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