The Zoological Gardens

a-to-z-letters-zMe and Jim were sitting doing our homework. We heard Da singing as he came in the door…

Ohh thunder and lightning is no lark,
when Dublin City is in the dark

So if you’ve any money, go up to the park;
and view the Zoological Gardens

Is he drunk do you think? 

Jim just made a face.

Da came into the sitting room and he was smiling.

Guess where we’re going tomorrow?

Me and Jim just looked at each other and then at Da again.

We are going to the Zoo. 

We jumped up. The Zoo? THE ZOO?? really Da?

Yes! Ann is coming with the girls. Marie is coming and she’s bringing the baby. Pat is coming with Clodagh. Breda and Danny can’t come but sure it doesn’t matter. Lizzy, do you want to ring Iris and get her to ask her mammy if she can come? And what about Simon Jim? Sure the more the merrier.
We’re getting the bus into town and then we’re getting another bus out to the Zoo and we’re going to spend the whole day there. Ann is making sambos for us all. AND…. I’m going to buy fish and chips on the way home for everyone.

Me and Jim jumped up and down and hugged each other. I had been to the zoo once but I was only a baby so I didn’t remember.

I ran out to the phone and I rang Iris. While I was on the phone Jim ran off to call in for Simon to see if he could come. Iris’s mammy said she could go and she asked to talk to my Da about what time we would collect her.

Da came back in to the sitting room and sat down the way he does when he wins money on the horses. He was smiling more than I’d seen him smile for ages.


Yes Lizzy

It’s sad that mammy won’t be with us when we go to the zoo isn’t it. 

Yes love, it is sad.
But maybe she’ll be well enough to come the next time. Why don’t you go up and tell her about tomorrow and see if she wants a cup of tea or something.

I ran up the stairs to tell her.


Thank you all very very much for reading Lizzy’s story. I’ve been so encouraged by all the likes and comments etc.
I’m planning to give Lizzy the opportunity to speak some more in the form of a book… my first one 🙂 Don’t forget, you can follow her on Twitter @lizzyredmond

Wish me luck! x


16 thoughts on “The Zoological Gardens

  1. This is crazy… I can’t wait to hear it all. Do send me a link when the book is published.

    Heartiest congratulations on completing the challenge.

  2. Hi Annemarie

    Just found my way around the site and really enjoyed your stories
    Lizzy has sucked me in I want more of her and look forward to reading your book. Best of luck
    Annette/Carousel Cafe

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