a-to-z-letters-yThis morning when I woke up I forgot why I was in my niece’s bed. Then I remembered and started to cry. My nieces were still asleep so I tried to be quiet.

Yesterday I said goodbye to my mammy and she went into hospital. She was dressed in her coat that she wears to Mass and Da had his suit on. I don’t know why.
Mam said I could stay out of school for one day but I have to go in today.

After mammy left yesterday, Ann took me upstairs and we found a bag to put some clothes in for me. I had to bring all my school books and she said that I could bring Holly and Ivy aswell. Jim was already gone, he is staying with Pat until mammy gets home. I made Ann promise that Jim wouldn’t be let come home before me.
We were walking down the stairs when I said it and Ann said,

Lizzy don’t start, you’ll come home when I say you’re coming home. Mammy is not well and you have to do as you’re told to and not make it worse

I stopped on the stairs and wouldn’t move.

Lizzy come on. Come ON!

I’m not coming until you promise me that I can come home before Jim. I told mam I would help her. Jim won’t help her and he’ll make too much noise and I have to be here to make sure everything is ok and I won’t come with you unless you promise me that…

I sat on the stairs and cried and cried.
Ann came back up the stairs and sat on the next step.


She was whispering.

OK I promise you that you can come home first. But Lizzy we have to go. I have to collect the girls from their other granny. 

We walked down the path and out the gate. I looked back and said a prayer to Holy God and Our Lady that my mammy would be ok and I would be home again soon.

That was yesterday, but it feels like I haven’t been home since two years ago 😦


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


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