a-to-z-letters-uWe stood outside Mrs O’Malley’s office in a line, all with our faces to the wall. Miss Cawley was in talking to Mrs O’Malley and we were told to be quiet.

When Miss Cawley came back into the class after going to her car, she sat down but she didn’t see the board. We were still doing our tests. We kept looking up at her, she was just staring at us. Rita Jones sits in front of me, she looked across at Siobhan Rafferty and Siobhan started laughing. I could see Iris and Mary’s shoulders were moving and Mary giggled. Miss Cawley jumped up and turned around, she opened her mouth to shout but nothing came out. She opened and closed her mouth a few times while she was reading the board, then she turned around real slow. We could barely hear her when she said,

Everyone stand up and get into a line. 

None of us were laughing then. Miss Cawley made us walk up to Mrs O’Malley’s office and wait outside.

We stood there for ages, a few were whispering to each other but I’m not sure who.

No one tell ok? We’re not going to tell who did it?

We have to tell or else we’ll all be in trouble 

We CAN’T tell, if you tell you’re a RAT

Ssshhh they’ll hear us

We’re suppose to be friends

Well you’re not my friend if you tell

We all have to stick together. No one is to tell

We ARE all frienth 

I knew it was Iris talking.

But we’re not allowed to tell lieth. Mith Cawley ith mean and that ith the truth. If Missith O’Malley athk what happened, I will say that. 

We all turned around and looked at Iris. She was standing with her arms folded and she had a real serious face.

Mrs O’Malley and Miss Cawley came out of the office and when Miss Cawley saw us she went mad.

What did I tell you? I told you not to speak. I told you to face the wall, but instead like the animals that you are you are not doing what I told you to do. You are already in very very big trouble and I will punish each of you until you learn to…

Mrs O’Malley put her hand on Miss Cawley’s arm and said,

We don't face the wall  in our school
We don’t face the wall
in our school

Excuse me Miss Cawley but my pupils are not animals. and in this school we do not force children to face the wall. Please wait in my office. 

Mrs O’Malley brought us back to our class. She looked at the board and then cleaned the writing off it. She gave us all 100 lines to write – I must not be rude to my teacher

Then she said,

You were very wrong to do what you did. But Miss Cawley was also wrong. You are not animals. You are a great class, but you must respect yourselves by behaving better. Work together girls, you must all work together. 

We all promised that we would.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


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