a-to-z-letters-sI learned a new word today. Suspicious.

A Garda came into our classroom and said that we have to be really careful cos there is a man hanging around who is acting suspicious. He said lots of other things but I don’ t remember what he said cos I was trying to work out what the word meant. He asked if we had any questions but no one put up their hand, so I did.

I asked him what suspicious means.

He said it’s someone who looks like they are pretending that they didn’t do something bold, when they really did. I think he was talking about my brother Jim.

When the Garda left, Mrs Prince got us to bring our chairs around her desk so we could have a talk. She told us not to worry and said that we were to remember what the Garda said about not talking to people we didn’t know. She said that if we were not being collected that we should walk home with someone and that we should tell our mammies and daddies what the Garda said when we got home. Iris was coming to my house after school for dinner so we told Mrs Prince we were ok.

We were talking about the man on the way home. Iris said that when they lived in her old house she heard a story about some girls who were hurt by a man who was hanging around at the park. We decided that cos we are best friends we will always walk home together.

When we turned the corner after the school we saw a big black car parked on the road. It was really shiny like it was brand new. We walked past it and the window went down. A nice man stuck his head out the window and asked us if we knew where the church is. I said yes and started to tell him but Iris pulled me away and started to run down the road, pulling me with her.

suspicious car

I looked around and the car was driving away.

Why did you do that?

Becauth the Garda AND Missith Printh thaid we are not to talk to people we don’t know.

We both stopped running. We were out of breath.

I’m so glad you are my friend Iris.

We held hands and walked to my house to tell my mam what happened.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


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