a-to-z-letters-qLast Friday Mrs Prince said that we had to do one extra bit of homework for the weekend but it wouldn’t be hard.

She said we had to bring in a question for someone in the class and instead of Nuacht we would do Question Time. I knew that I wanted to ask Iris a question. She is my best friend and I know everything about her but I didn’t want to ask anyone else anything.

On Monday morning I went to school and I had my question written in my copy, but Iris wasn’t in. I told Mrs Prince and she said that I had to think of someone else to ask a question. She said that she was supposed to be last but that I could go last. My question for Iris was about her Da, Kevin. So I had to pick a new question as well. I didn’t know who to pick or what to ask.

Everyone took turns asking questions.  I can’t remember them all but I remember some.

Mary Kelly asked Aoife McDermott what her Da did as a job. She said he worked in town in a factory that makes boxes.

Rita Jones asked Debbie Molloy if she had a boyfriend. She said yeah and that it was Simon O’Reilly and we all went ‘yeuuuuuuch’

Debbie Molloy asked Mary Saunders what her favourite dinner was. She said it was Christmas dinner.

Rose Mullins asked Mary Kelly where she went on holidays last year. She didn’t want to answer cos they don’t go on holidays anywhere cos her Da’s doesn’t have a job.

Siobhan Rafferty asked Mrs Prince if she had any kids and she said no and then she smiled and said, Well… not yet.

Mrs Prince asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. As soon as she asked me I knew what the answer was.

I wonder how many of these
I’ll get for being a teacher…

I want to be a teacher Miss, like you.

That’s great Lizzy. I think you’d be a great teacher. Now it’s your turn. You can ask me a question because Iris isn’t in today. What is your question? 

How much do teachers get paid?

Mrs Prince just coughed and said it was time for Geography.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


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