a-to-z-letters-pSometimes if I have no one to play with, I sit on the table on the landing and look out the window. You can see nearly the whole of Bennettstown from there.

Our house is up a bit higher than everyone else’s cos we live on the corner. So I can see the bus stop where we get the bus in to town. I can see the shops where mammy sends me to get milk. I can only see the road to Granny’s house cos she lives around the corner. If I stretch out the window I can nearly see the back of Iris’s house too. But mam saw me doing it and shouted at me not to do it again.

The other thing I can see is the field with the wall around it. That’s where loads of boys and girls hang around. Sometimes Jim and Simon O’Reilly go there but only when there’s no one else there, cos the older boys tell them to go away.

Colleen Molloy and Martin McCabe always meet there.
Colleen is Debbie Molloy’s big sister. I met her once at Debbie’s birthday party. She is really nice. She let us pick the records we wanted to play and when I spilled orange on my dress she brought me up to her room and helped me to clean it.

Jim says holding hands with girls is horrible... but how would he know!?
Jim says holding hands with girls is horrible… how would he know!?

Martin is her boyfriend. He’s gorgeous. He has black hair and he has an earring. I love watching them. They always laugh and sometimes Colleen pushes him away but if he does move away she always pulls him back. Sometimes they hold hands and once I saw him give her a big kiss that lasted so long she probably couldn’t breathe.

I asked one of my sisters what would I have to do to get a boy to kiss me and she said,

You’d need to get Da to move to America for a start.

Debbie and Colleen’s Da lives with them, so that must be wrong.

When I get big I hope I will be like Colleen. Her hair is always lovely and she always has nice clothes. I asked my mam if she thought that Colleen was pretty and she said yes. And then I asked if she thought I was pretty. And she said I am and that I am prettier than Colleen.
I told my mam that she is too.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


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