a-to-z-letters-nWhen I opened my eyes I knew I’d had a nightmare but I wasn’t sure what it was about. I was just glad I was awake.
It was dark but I didn’t want to move. I was going to put the landing light on, but if my Da woke up I’d be in trouble.

“Electricity costs money you know. Can’t have the lights on all night while you’re asleep”

I sat up on the side of the bed and I blinked a few times so I could see better in the dark, but there was no light at all. Not even from the moon or the street lamps. It was really scary. So I thought I’d put my own light on, just for a while.

I stood up and felt the wall. It was cold, it felt a bit wet.
I felt my way across the wall but the wall was freezing… and it was all soft.  I was nearly at the door where the light switch is, but it was like the wall was turning to soft muck and I was falling into it.

I started to fall and then my bedroom light went on and I could see mam standing at the door. I called out to her but she couldn’t hear me.
I fell and fell watching my mam get smaller and smaller.

Mammy help me please?”

I kept falling and falling. I hit the ground with a thump.

I opened my eyes; I was awake and in my bed. I was breathing so fast and loud. I jumped out of bed and ran to the light switch. I turned it on and the light made the darkness go away.
I got back into and left the light on. Some dreams are scarier even than my Da.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


19 thoughts on “Nightmares

    • thanks Carolann – she’s taken on a life of her own.
      I’m half expecting to wake up one morning and find she has gone ahead and written all the way to Z and beyond 😀

  1. Brings back memories of my Da. He used to go mad if we left the lights on at night time. I was always scared of the dark.To this day I still leave the landing light on at night. I know how Lizzy felt 😦

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