My Mammy

a-to-z-letters-mI love my mammy.

Even when she is only gone to the shops for 5 minutes I miss her. My big sister told me that every time she had a baby she would have to go away to hospital for a few days but she always came back.
I asked mammy one day if she was getting anymore babies and she said no but that I wasn’t to tell Da. I thought Da would know already; but anyway, I didn’t tell him.

Her name is Annie and before she was married she was Annie Murphy. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters just like me. One of her brothers did something bold and now he lives in England but we’re not allowed to talk about him or Granny Murphy starts to cry.

Sometimes in the mornings my mam is really tired and she is in bad humour. When she gives me a kiss to go to school I can smell something funny but I don’t say anything about it. By the time I get back from school she is always happy and when Jim goes out to play we have an hour on our own together before she goes to work. She works in a factory that puts drinks into bottles. Not nice drinks like orange and red lemonade; drinks that you buy in a pub.

When my mammy was young she used to sew. That’s what she did as a job. She made dresses and fixed men’s trousers when they were too long. She wears lovely dresses and when she is going out to a party she always has nice hair and wears lipstick. She let me put her lipstick on one day but Da saw it and shouted at me to go and wash my face. Mam said when I’m older she will let me put some of her nail varnish on.

I always feel safe when she holds my hand

Before me, she had twin boys who died the day they were born. They are not in a grave tho. I don’t know why, cos my two granddads are in a grave. Mammy said that they don’t put little babies in the graveyard with other people and my big sister said I’m not to ask mam about it again cos it makes her sad.
Mammy told me a big secret a while ago. She said that she knows their names. Everyone thinks the twins had no names but she told me they are called Anthony after St. Anthony and Vincent after St. Vincent de Paul. She said it is a really big secret but she wanted me to know, so that I would pray for them.
The day she told me she gave me a big hug. She was crying and she whispered in my ear,

Lizzy, never forger that you really have 5 big brothers and two of them are in Heaven. 

I want to be just like her when I grow up cos she is beautiful and lovely.


If this is your first visit to Lizzy’s story and you want to know who she is and where she came from you can read A is for About a girl…


31 thoughts on “My Mammy

    • In those days still born babies were often taken away immediately and buried together in unmarked graves. So the twins are in a grave but Annie doesn’t know where they are.
      Lizzy doesn’t have a full understanding of the story so I’ve let her tell it as best she can.
      I agonised a bit whether I should let her explain more clearly but I don’t think she’d have been able to.

      • Carolann I think Irish people would know immediately what had happened as it’s a bit part of our history.
        It may not be obvious to those outside of Ireland/UK etc.
        May have to ponder it further when it comes to the book – but generally I feel my instincts were right to only let her say as much as she understood.

      • I think she/you did it just right. The whole book is written from her point of view and if she doesn’t know, that’s how to tell it. I was just as confused as she was and that’s the point of telling it from her point of view.

        And now I know too because I could ask you. You could always put some explanations for things we outside of Ireland might not know in the back of the book. Or not. I read a whole article once about how much explaining things that are known in the group can ruin a whole piece.

  1. Oh, A! You’ve really cracked it! You don’t need to worry about telling Lizzy’s story in the 3rd person! You have her sussed and she in turn has all the adults in her world sussed. Very emotional piece.

  2. Am loving Lizzie! Have nominated her/you for the “Liebster Blog Award”. A bit like the Next Big Thing but for blogs. All the details are on my blog. Madeline xx

    • Thanks so much Madeline.
      I appreciate the nomination too. But I’m afraid you’re in a queue. I’ve got two noms waiting in the wings and no time to do them. 🙂

  3. Great story. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’d like to think it is.The pictures were so vivid in my mind.
    Great ‘M’ word.
    a href=>Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  4. I wish my mother was as nice as Lizzy’s mammy. As it is, the only thing they seem to have in common is that they both like a taste of the loudmouth soup. Thanks for stopping by earlier, and nice work with the A to Z so far.

  5. Named but residing in an unmarked grave? I hope they found more piece than the living, though at least the living have some love. Is it odd that I still found the Mammy-love cute?

    • yes John – that’s what would have happened alright. It’s just Lizzy wouldn’t have fully understood or been able to communicate it.
      Glad it was still cute, I was hoping it would retain some cuteness 😉
      Appreciate you popping in John – thanks.

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