Hi it’s Lizzy again πŸ™‚ Thank you for coming back to read my stories. If this is your first time you might want to read
A is for… it will tell you all about me.

Yesterday’s story was about me getting grounded!

Well it was Da’s long-week. That means he is gone to work before I get up and not back until after I’m gone to bed.
It is the best week to be grounded!
Mam said I wouldn’t have to stay upstairs all day after school. But I wasn’t to tell him!
I had to find something to do all week so I wouldn’t be under her feet.
I wasn’t allowed to watch telly, mam would have let me but she said Jim might tell so I couldn’t.

On the first day I was really sad. Jim came in from school and did his homework in about 2 minutes. He came into my room and sang ‘na na na na na’ at me for ages til mammy told him to stop; then he went out on his bike. Him and Simon O’Reilly shouted up to my window a few times from Simon’s back garden and I was nearly crying.

Everyday Jim sang at me, or shouted at me through the window. So I decided to get him back. On Da’s long-week we always stayed out a bit later if it was bright. It meant I had lots of time – so I decided while Jim was out I’d have a look around his room πŸ™‚

We were in Simon’s house one day and he has a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign on his door.
Jim thought it was the coolest thing in the world but Da wouldn’t let Jim put one up. Jim said that I have to pretend there is one there. But there isn’t and even if there was I would have ignored it.

Here’s what I did to get him back…

Unless you're LizzyHAHA
Unless you’re Lizzy

Monday: He has a little table where his trucks and his action men are. I’m not supposed to touch them. I sat on the floor in front of them and moved them all. I pulled the arms out of the Action men and stuck them back the wrong way around.

Tuesday: Jim has a little radio he got for his birthday that he likes to listen to in bed. I turned it on but turned the volume down to zero so he wouldn’t know it was on. He’s only allowed new batteries when he saves for them!

Wednesday: I went to his drawer where he keeps his pack of cards. I took out a few and threw them in the bin.

Thursday: He asked me if I’d been in his room. I said, ‘why would I want to be in your smelly room?’. Then when he was gone out I checked the radio. It was turned off. I turned it on again.

Friday: It was raining really bad on Friday. But Jim went to Simon’s house, so I went into his room and opened the windows.

On Friday night he was shouting that I was in his room, I kept saying I wasn’t. All his action men and trucks were wet and so was the bottom of his bed. Da came into my room and threatened to ground me again and to ground Jim too. We looked at each other – there’s only one thing worse than being grounded, and that’s when we’re both grounded at the same time. We stopped fighting and Da went back downstairs.

Jim whispered to me, “I know you were in my room and I’m going to get you back.”

I whispered back, “na na na na na.”


28 thoughts on “Housebound

  1. That’s hilarious. I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that with my brother… I was the parent-pleasing first-born! I’ve got to keep reading this… you’ve got a new follower! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I think Lizzy is adorable. I read the stories from A all the way to H, and I’m going to keep coming back for more. Lizzy’s sense of humour, her precociousness are all very endearing. Great story here. I agree with John Ivory up there. There has to be a book in this. Here’s to many more adventures for you and Lizzy.

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