I got into BIG trouble with my Da a few weeks ago 😦 And it wasn’t even my fault.

I was cycling around the block and Breda Costello stopped me and asked me if she could have a go of my bike. I don’t really like her but sometimes if you say no to her she pushes you.

One time I was wheeling one of the babies around the block and she wanted me to let her hold the pram. I didn’t let her cos my sister told me not to let anyone near the pram unless they were a mammy. Breda pushed me and I tripped over the wheel. She tried to take it but Mrs Maher was coming so she ran off.

I thought she'd never come back :(
She never came back 😦

I said that I wasn’t allowed give anyone a lend of my bike. Breda said she’d only go around the block once. So I let her, but I told her she had to cycle fast past my house in case anyone saw her. So she went and I waited for ages but she never came back.
My brother Jim came around the corner and said it was time to come in. I told him what happened and he gave out to me for a while but then he went to see if he could find Breda. He was gone for ages too.

Eventually my Da came around the corner. When my Da has to come looking for me I know I’m in big trouble.
“Why didn’t you come in when you were told; and where is your brother?”
I was crying and I told him about Breda Costello.
Then Jim came back but he didn’t have the bike with him.
Da told us to go home.

a-to-z-letters-gI was crying and crying telling my mam what happened and she was hugging me when my dad came back with my bike. He didn’t say anything to me, he just looked at my mam and said something about Mr. Costello. Mam started to laugh but Da looked at her funny and she stopped.

I was sent straight to bed. I could hear them laughing downstairs so I thought I got away with it.
When I got up the next morning Da was gone to work, mam said he said I was grounded for a week for lending my bike.


I didn’t know what I was going to do for a whole week?!
But I did find stuff to do… I’ll tell you tomorrow πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. I hope you spent the week concocting all sorts of ideas to retaliate. What a mean little girl — have you ever figured out what your parents were laughing about? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • I’m reckoning Lizzy’s Da was slagging the Costello family. He stopped them mam from laughing in front of Lizzy about it…
      thanks for reading πŸ™‚ x

    • I’m reckoning Lizzy’s Da was slagging the Costello family. He stopped them mam from laughing in front of Lizzy about it…
      Poor Lizzy, she wouldn’t have the confidence to do that πŸ™‚

  2. I really like the voice of Lizzy…she reminds me a lot of myself as a little girl – perceptive but a bit of a pushover πŸ˜› She also reminds me of all those Ramona books (by Beverly Clearly) I used to read. Looking forward to finding out more of her adventures!

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