Easter Eggs

a-to-z-letters-e I didn’t know what time it was, but I had been awake for ages. My head was hanging off the end of the bed and my feet were squished between my two nieces fast asleep up the other end. My sister was away so the girls were staying in my house, and I was in charge of them.
I got a fright when the landing light went on. I held my breath and when I saw the handle of the door turn, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I didn’t dare peek cos I’d be in trouble for still being awake. Even mam would give out to me for being awake this late.

When the door closed again I squinted to make sure there was no one there – and there they were.

3 Easter Eggs. I couldn’t believe it – I’d missed the Easter Bunny!

I was so annoyed. If I’d opened my eyes I would have seen him. I was going to go out on to the landing but the light went off, so I stayed where I was cos I don’t like the dark.

haha my egg is smiling at me :)
haha my egg is smiling at me 🙂

I stretched out of the bed to see the eggs and I nearly fell out. The moon was shining in the window and I could just see my name written on the box. Last year Jim said he thought the Easter Bunny’s writing was like Santa Claus’ writing. I asked him if he thought they were related, cos mam’s writing is the same as my Granny’s.

“Don’t be stupid”, he’d said. “How could they be related? The Easter Bunny is a rabbit!”
I wished I’d thought of that before I’d asked him.

I gave up chocolate for Lent. I broke it a couple of times at the start cos I forgot, but it was ages since I’d eaten chocolate. I really wanted to open my egg.

My niece’s eggs were different. They were bigger and looked nicer. I was wondering how I could swap eggs without anyone knowing. One of my nieces is called Liza. I thought I could change her name to Lizzy. Then I could cross out Lizzy on my egg and just write Liza. It would look like the Easter Bunny made a mistake and crossed it out to start again, like Mrs Prince tells us to do in school.

But I fell asleep while I was thinking about it…


49 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Luxor wouldn’t understand me at all- I used to keep my Easter eggs for months, all the pleasure was in the ownership. Never really wanted to eat them. Best one ever was from Bewley’s, with icing flowers all over it!

  2. Such a cute story. It’s funny, growing up I never knew that the Easter bunny was to sneak in your house to leave the candy, and only recently (at 44) learned this. I think it’s a great idea.

  3. Haha! When I was a kid I noticed a similarity between the Easter Bunny’s and Santa Claus’ writing too. Like my dad, they wrote in a distinctive small-caps style. Naturally, I assumed that was an especially fancy style (after all, Santa Claus used it!) and patterned my own handwriting after it. 🙂

  4. I love Easter because of the chocolate eggs, but I was bad and ate too much candy last Sunday. Now I am striving to be good and cutting down sugar.

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