Bicycle Blunder

a-to-z-letters-bI have a big bandage on my face and my hand is really hurting me. 😦

Da took the stabilisers off my bike. At last! I hate them. Simon O’Reilly keeps jeering me when I pass him.

Every time he sees me on my bike he says,
“Nice pram you have there Lizzy.”
He’s a right pig sometimes.

Da helped me to learn to ride the bike on my own. I kept telling him to let go but he wouldn’t. Then when he did I fell over. It took ages but I was able to ride the bike on my own eventually.

Every day I cycled around the block but no one saw me. None of my friends were around. None of the neighbours were out. Not one person apart from my family had seen me ride the bike properly.

I was cycling up and down outside the house and I thought, What comes next? After you learn to ride your bike without stabilisers, what is the next thing you learn?

I thought about it for a while and then BINGO! You learn to ride the bike with your eyes closed! That must be it.

I didn’t want to ask Da, I wanted to learn this on my own. I knew it wouldn’t be easy so I did what Dad did with the stabilizers and just closed one at a time. So I cycled up down the road the road with one eye closed. That was

But when I tried it with both eyes closed… the first thing I felt was the handle bars digging in to my belly, then the lumpy wall scraping my face. By the time I opened my eyes I was on the ground, trapped under the bike.

Worst of all, Simon O’Reilly walked by, laughing and shouting
“ha ha ha Lizzy fell out of her pram”.

I hate Simon O’Reilly… and bicycles 😦


48 thoughts on “Bicycle Blunder

  1. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you take a tumble, right? I remember the day my father tried to teach me to ride a bicycle. It didn’t go well.

  2. Awww Lizzy! That Simon is making me mad..laughing at you…Grrr!
    I feel like running him over on my bike but that wouldn’t be nice.

  3. Great story. I didn’t learn until I was about 10 and then suddenly one day it just clicked.

  4. Thanks for posting about bikes. When I was that young all my best adventures grew from how much further you could travel on a bike than when we were walking. I’m surprised your Lizzy tried to ride with her eyes closed next, I thought everyone tried to ride with no hands once they could keep going forward with out falling off? 😉

  5. My mum always says that when she is in a dangerous situation behind the wheel, her first instinct is to cover her eyes. Not good, mum, not good. 😛

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