The #atoz of Aunty Amo

Now strictly this is my fiction blog so there shouldn’t be a word of truth on it. 😉

This is my first year doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge, so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself.
And what better way to do that than with…  the A to Z of me! 😀
(I wrote this a few weeks ago when I was on a trip in Italy.)

Here we go… The A to Z of Aunty Amo

A – Aunty – to 27 nieces and nephews, their other halfs and 14 of the next generation. Love them so much. A fabulous, talented lot.

B – Big Bang Theory – one of my fave programmes which I’m a tad addicted to and watch on a loop. Others in that category are The West Wing and Downton Abbey.

C – Callenloni – one of a few words I CANNOT say with out practising a few times. And still I get it wrong; another word that gives me trouble is ‘manilla’.

D-  Driving – it took four attempts to pass my driving test. It was a traumatic experience for me. It has made me very conscious of learner drivers and I’m always patient when I see them on the road.

E – E.T. I think this is the first film I saw in the cinema. I remember being very annoyed at a kid behind me who was crying and asking his mammy why E.T. had to die. I wanted him to be quiet. To this day I can’t stand anyone talking in the cinema once the film has started.

F – Fashion – sooooo not interested. I wish I was 🙂 but I’m not at all into fashion. Not that I don’t want to look nice. But clothes are very functional for me.

G – Gardening – can’t garden, won’t garden. Any plant I’ve ever owned has died. Anytime I’ve ever had a garden it has ended up like a jungle.

H – Hot Diggedy DOG! – are you still here? Just thought I’d give you a break from the trivia. Stand up and stretch but do come back…

I – Ireland – I love Ireland and being Irish. There is so much negativity at the moment but even though I’m totally disillusioned with my government I have great hopes for the future of the Irish people and our country.

J – Jesus Christ – I’m a believer in Jesus. He is my Saviour! I was reared with an awareness of Christianity but had no interest in it. Then at 22 I found God or He found me and I’ve been a very unfaithful follower of a faithful God ever since.

K – Kilcullen –  the beautiful village in the  Co. of Kildare where I live.

L -Longbourn – the home of the Elizabeth Bennet. My favourite heroine. Pride and Prejudice is my second favourite book in the world…

M – Music – I LOVE music, I love to sing and play. Have been playing guitar for 25 yrs and teach it now. Also play the violin – not very well tho…

N – Noises – I have a terrible fear of noises I don’t recognise, especially at night. I have to investigate. It’s always something non threatening but I won’t relax til I know what the noise is.

O – Overweight – I’ve been generously proportioned for a long time. I struggle with it but fit (albeit snugly) into the category of larger than life! 😀

P – Pink – my least favourite colour in the world. I don’t wear it and would prefer not to drink from a pink mug, or write with a pink pen… etc etc.

Q – Quiet – don’t enjoy it. And even if it is quiet outside of me there’s always noise going on inside of me. I’m a poor tormented soul really… who said that????

R – Richard – My husband of almost 13 years. A man of great patience 🙂 ❤

S – Social Media – I’m a bit of a Twitter/Facebook addict 😀 I love interacting with folk on Twitter and for writers I think it’s a great tool to network, share and learn from each other. Facebook is more for family and closer friends really.

T – Tallaght – the area of Dublin where I was reared. I love Tallaght and am proud to be from there. Have never watched Tallafornia but from what I gather, it DOES NOT reflect the true spirit of Tallaght!

U – Ubiquitous – isn’t that a great word? Wonder what it means… 🙂

V – Verona – as I type we’re preparing to leave Italy after a week here with my 3 sisters. We’re getting the train to Verona tomorrow to fly home.
Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene…

W – Wales – My husband is Welsh and I lived there for 7 years. Very like Ireland as in it rains a lot 😉 But culturally it felt very like home. Learned a bit of Welsh too as I sang in a choir and we did the odd Welsh hymn.

X – I often put this symbol at the end of text messages and tweets out of pure habit. I promise I’m not trying to kiss you all!

Y – YOU – if you’ve stuck with me thus far then I raise a cheer to you and say thanks a million. I appreciate you reading all my nonsense 😀

Z – Zanzibar – the name of the café in Pesaro, Italy where I am writing this list.

So there you have it! I reckon you know everything you need to know!
If not you can always ask 🙂 Roll on April 1st…


15 thoughts on “The #atoz of Aunty Amo

    • Hi Trish
      Thanks for dropping by
      Yeah it’s a funny think the old pinkyphobia! 🙂
      All the best for April. I’ll be sure to call in on you
      Thanks again, A

  1. LOVE your list!

    I remember (ack – it was probably almost 10 years ago now?!) when everyone on FB was doing the 10 (or 25, depending on the variation!) random things about me lists. Those were SO fun to read! I had so many people – who have known me all my life – say they were shocked about so many things on my list that they wanted me to create another one. I was like what?! You think I have more surprises up my sleeve?! Ha!

    Anyway, I love the way you tied it in to the A-Z challenge. So many fun little tidbits on your list!

    And I LOVE how you phrased this:

    “Then at 22 I found God or He found me and I’ve been a very unfaithful follower of a faithful God ever since.”

    What a GREAT way to put it! I’m going to have to remember that 🙂 Have you heard the song “Faithful God” by Gateway Worship? Whenever I hear the phrase “faithful God” that’s what starts playing in my mind.

    Thanks for sharing your list…and I’m still so impressed you keep multiple blogs up AND are doing the A-Z challenge!

    • My poor husband. He hears none of it, but I’m like a mad woman going around the house trying to work out what is buzzing or knocking or scratching. 😀
      You’d think my house was alive hahaha

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