Lizzy at Christmas: Part 2

It was a bike!

A beautiful brand new bike. The chrome spokes were shiny like mirrors. The leather on the handle bars was jet black. Its pedals had orange reflector panels. Lizzy and Jim were still standing at the door trying to drink in the hugeness of the moment.

Suddenly Lizzy realised that Jim was also staring with love at the bike. His eyes were wide, he had big open smile and looked like he was about to pounce on the bike like a lion!

“Who’s is it?”
“Who’s is it, Jim?”
“It’s mine! It’s on my side of the tree.” 
“It’s not on any side of the tree Jim, it could be mine.” 

They were both frozen to the spot, tears were now stinging Lizzy’s eyes.

“He puts our name on stuff, let’s see who’s name is on it.” 

As they took a step in to the sitting room they both squealed to see a second bike leaning against the sofa. Bigger than the first one, a proper racing bike. Jim ran to it.

They sat on their bikes unable to move forward more than a few inches, laughing and out-talking each other. Lizzy said that Jim’s bike was fab. Jim thought Lizzy’s bike was cool. They discussed how they would have been very willing to share had there only been one bike and agreed that though it wouldn’t have caused any fights, it was great to have one each.

Eventually they got off their bikes and started to look at the other things Santy had left. Board games, selection boxes, A hairbrush and mirror set for Lizzy, an action man for Jim. Then they took their stockings down. There were all sorts of bits and bobs as usual. A few coins, that remarkably added up to exactly the same for each of them. Some sprouts and carrots to go into the dinner.  There were pencils, a pair of red gloves and a rain mac that folded into a little zip bag.

By the time their mammy and daddy joined them, the sitting room was upside down with boxes, plastic packaging and Christmas paper everywhere. As soon as they walked through the door Lizzy and Jim started in stereo, trying to out-do each other in the amazement stakes and get the biggest reaction.

“I have to put the turkey in the oven. Clean up in here now. Did anyone get any veg for their dinner?”

They both ran to grab the vegetables from the stockings and gave the annual instructions that it was essential everyone got the same veg that Santy had left them. Lizzy was always so impressed that her mammy could find them in the mix of everything in the pot. In less than a minute, mammy could be heard in the kitchen singing along to carols on the radio.

Lizzy surveyed the room; so happy! And as she started to tidy up, she wondered how long she’d have on her bike before Mass!


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