Lizzy at Christmas: Part 1

“Lizzy!” Jim’s voice finally broke the darkness in an urgent whisper from the next room. “Are you awake?”

Lizzy was delighted. She had been waiting for ages.

“Did you hear anything?”
“No, do you think he came?”
“Will I go down and see?”

The discussion continued in hurried whispers. Neither left their beds, they couldn’t take the chance. They had to be sure. It was always a dilemma. What if they’d woken before he’d arrived? If he came while they were half way down the stairs, well that would be that!

Every year this magical scenario… Lizzy didn’t even realise it, but it was the same each time. Waiting for Jim to wake up, then the whispered conversation from room to room. Way too risky to get out of bed and meet on the landing for the discussion. Eventually Jim would slowly creep down the stairs. Lizzy would hold her breath for what felt like an hour as she heard Jim make his way to the sitting room.

And this year was no different. Lizzy waited to hear the familiar squeak of the door handle. A sharp intake of breath and seconds later Jim took the stairs two at a time.

“He came! Lizzy, Santy came!”

Lizzy was up and on her way down the stairs before Jim was at the top.
Back down they went and into the sitting room.
She thought her heart was going to burst as she opened the door and looked inside…


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